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Exercise because it feels good. Exercise because it makes you happy.

Don’t exercise because you’re terrified that you ate too much for dinner. Don’t exercise because you hate the way your body looks in the mirror.

Loving yourself will get you so much further than hating yourself. 

Needed this reminder

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Perks of being sick: none


Jenny killing it at 5th ave winning in 4:19

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Working out is NOT a punishment


  • Do not work out because you feel GUILTY.
  • Working out is not a punishment.
  • Do it because it is fun, because you like doing it, because you like who you become when you work out - but never do it out of guilt and shame.
  • Do it with joy and love. 
  • If you had a cookie yesterday it does not mean that you have to forcefully add reps to your workout routine because you feel bad. ENJOY THAT COOKIE.

Okay? Okay.

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